Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fruit Loop Rainbow Craft

Good Afternoon Readers,

My, I've have had an exciting day at preschool!
With new kids coming in the doors, and summer activities taking off, I'm quite a busy girl. I am enjoying every minute of teaching, but it does feel nice to sit down and write to you all.

So we've been talking about Noah's Ark in our classroom and I needed a really cool craft to go along with our lesson. I've seen these rainbows made out of fruit loops on Pintrest and I thought, why not?

So my kids were really great and helped me sort the fruit loops during their morning play time.

I think that its always cool to see how much they want to help with "big jobs".

After our Bible time, the kids got right to work on coloring their worksheets.

Here is the rainbow that I used. You can find the original source here.
The rainbow is a promise from God that his will never again flood the entire Earth like in Genesis.

I drew a rainbow on the board to the kids could see what order the colors should go in.
Some of them got a little creative with their color choices...and I think that's okay.

Once everyone was done coloring, the children were given little paper cups. They were instructed to take turns visiting the fruit loop table. They could fill their cups with whatever color they wanted and could return to the fruit loop table as often as they wanted. 

I squirted glue onto their papers while they were fruit loop "hunting".

I'm so happy with the way this craft turned out. It's something that I plan on doing every year!

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  1. Cute idea! I'm going to try this with my preschool class this week for our St. Patty's Day theme :)


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