Friday, March 1, 2013

Interactive Bulletin Board DIY

Hello dear readers and fellow teachers,

I wanted to share this little bulletin board diy with you!
It's an enjoyable review game, and the kids love interactive with the visuals.

First, I stapled pink fabric to my board and added some thick velvet ribbon as a border.
I love using fabric on bulletin boards for two main reasons.

1. The kids love the texture.
2. You can re-use the fabric for years and years.

Then, I printed out "Scoop Up the Alphabet" in a fun font. Of course you can change the title to anything you want. 

Next, I drew a fun character with a giant ice-cream treat and painted him in with water-colors. Then I drew and cut out some ice-cream cones and ice-cream scoops from pretty scrap-booking paper. I wrote lower case letters on the scoops and upper case letters on the cones. The goal is for the kids to match the lower and upper case letters.

I mounted up all of the pieces along with a little baggie to hold the scoops of ice-cream. 
I made clear little pockets for the scoops out of left over laminating plastic. The kids just slid the scoops into the pockets and have me check their work.

Love it?
My students do!

So you might be sitting there thinking...

"That's really cool but what if I can't draw to save my life??"

No worries friends. I've already got a diy on how to draw just about anything with a projector.
Follow this link here and you'll be on your way to teacher happiness! 

Happy Friday!

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