Thursday, November 1, 2012

So 90's

Well I know don't know about you guys, but my last thrifting trip was awesome!
I got so much!

Okay, so I bought three tops.... But for a girl who is used to walking out sad and empty handed, three tops is a big deal. 

The one I am most excited about it a jean blouse/jacket thing. You know, the kind that used to be popular in the 90's?

I've been hunting one down all summer long. 
$4.99 was a total steal!

Here are some of the looks I'm really excited about putting together.

I can tie on my jean shirt over a summer dress. Add a pin for some cute personality.

Another version of the shirt-over-the-dress look. Defiantly roll up the sleeves or you'll look stuffy (in my opinion).

Here's something new. Layer a tank top and jacket/sweater over the jean shirt. This could get a little bulky  so make sure your jean shirt is nicely fitted. 

This last idea is the simplest one. Replace your typical cardigan outfit with a jean shirt. It adds interest in a look and you can't really go wrong with dark or white wash jean.

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