Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Activities in the Preschool

What's been going on this month in our preschool classroom?

The kids have been making the classic hand-print turkeys...

They've also kept themselves busy by "cooking" a Thanksgiving Feast almost every day!

During our Native American lessons, I taught the kids how to weave. They did pretty good for 3 and 4 years old.

I made little pockets with plastic "windows" for each student's weaving project.

We made little paper tepees for our Native American village  

The kids have been really getting creative in the use of natural materials during play time.
Pine-cones become people, seashells become's pretty neat.

We made these hand-print Mayflower boats while learning about the voyage of the pilgrims.

I bought some of those decorative Indian corn things and gave them to the kids to play with. As soon as they got outside, the kids started "planting" the corn with a "fish" just like Squanto taught the pilgrims to do. 

So there are just some of the activities our preschool group enjoyed this November. 
I hope they can inspire you to try something new with your class. 

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