Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cutey Kids

Mike and I aren't planning on having kids for a few more years,but a girl can dream.

This little Lion jacket is adorable and it doesn't look like it would be that hard to make.
All you would have to do it add a little mane after yarn and a tail with some ribbon. The nose, ears, and claws could be easily made with felt. 

Of course, being crafty me, I'm sure to have some of the cutest bibs around.
These little bows would be soooo easy to sew onto a regular bib. 

Can I hear an "Awwww!" for this next one?

I know that Mike will make a great daddy, and one of my dreams is to have a photo shoot like this one.
I'm sure that this is something we could all treasure forever.

Life in Vermont equals cold cold winters. How sweet would it be to wrap a baby up in this little sleeping bag quilt? Perhaps the squares could be made from Mike's and my old baby clothes?

So this post is not an announcement of any kind.

I am not pregnant. 

I'm just a married girl dreaming of sweet days to come. 

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