Monday, September 19, 2011

Indie Craft Parade: Part Two

I'm still on a little "handmade craft fair" high believe it or not!
Going to a craft fair was one of the things that I've been longing to check off of my to-do list.

I wish that I had grabbed a few more temporary tattoos...
Its funny how most of the girls in my dorm think that they're real.

I had such a great time exploring down town Greenville with Mike and our good friend Kelly.
It had been a while since we all hung out toghether.

Here's something that might tickle
(almost wrote pickle)
your intrest.
Apparently, when walking down town, one must keep her eyes peeled for these random/adorable little mice. They're scattered all other the sidewalks!

I <3 taking pictures of old clocks and cool buildings.
And Mike's smile gives me a happy inside too.

What is my current status?
Well, I'm trying to not drown in a sea of textbooks and homework as well as decorate my dorm room little by little.

(Can't wait to show you pictures!)

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