Saturday, November 16, 2013

Preschool Fall Activity: Friendly Scarecrow

Happy Saturday Morning Readers!

I can't wait to share this preschool activity with you!!!!
It's perfect for little ones and my kids found it to be so terribly exciting!

First, I found some clothes in a back room of our preschool and I both taped and stapled a long sleeve shirt to a pair of pants. I did this with the clothes inside out so the kids wouldn't get stabbed.

Then I made a little head out of a paper bag, shredded recycling paper, and a pompom. I twisted the end and secured it with a rubber band. We're leaning about triangles right now so I gave him triangle eyes made from a 3x5 card.

I drizzled glue all over his head and stuck him in a bucket, head first, of yellow shredded paper.

The day before I got help from a volunteer parent in the office and shredded a big box full of recycling paper.
This didn't take long since the shredder was already almost full of paper already.

I can't show you my kid's faces so enjoy these artificial smiles! Trust me, they were all beaming!

They LOVED making a BIG mess all over the floor and they wouldn't stop giggling while stuffing the arms, legs, and body.

A little teacher assistance was needed near the end but the kids did a great job stuffing this guy full of paper.

Of course this made a big mess and I had to vacuum up a ton of paper...

And here's our finished product! 
I attached the head by squeezing the neckline of the shirt around the "neck" of the paper bag. I secured it with those twisty ties you use for trash bags.

I stuck on some gloves and socks (slightly stuffed with paper) and secure them with little rubber bands. We dressed him up with a winter hat and tapped on a pair of glasses.

He turned out really well! We'll take a vote and give him a proper name on Monday.
I can't tell you how many times I turned to say something to our scarecrow thinking it was a student.

This was a super fun fall project for my preschoolers and it was budget friendly! Let me know if you make one too! E-mail me a photo and I'll post it on the blog!

Happy Fall!

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