Monday, August 12, 2013

Having Fun for Free or Crazy Cheap

Just because we have a low salary doesn't mean that Mike and I don't go out and have fun.
There are lots of ways to have a great time that don't cost very much (some things are free!). 

1. Visit tourist locations in your own neighborhood

So it's the weekend and you really don't feel like laying around the house. Jump in the car with your family and head to a nearby tourist attraction! 
We live in Vermont, and the Ben and Jerry's headquarters is just 30 minutes away. There's so much free stuff to do there, and you can have a tour of the factory for wicked cheap. 
Bring a lunch from home and you've got yourself a picnic date with hubby!

2.Go on a hike/visit your local parks

Most hiking trails only charge you a small parking fee. Bring a car load of friends for tv free afternoon.
Enjoy the fresh air and re-connect with your buddies. You'll yourself and your friends in deep conversations and you'll learn more about each other. Bring along plenty of water and a camera.

3. Volunteer at the fair for free entry

Do you have a special talent? Can you face-paint or do magic tricks?
Volunteer at a local fair and you'll get in for free!
You'll meet all kinds of people and have a fabulous time showing off your skills. 

(me in a duct tape dress for a special parade)

4. Volunteer for a local play

If you're a handy man, a wana be seamstress, or a pro crafter, then you need to volunteer for a local play!
Play houses and high schools need all the help they can get to put on productions. 
Volunteering for a play is very time consuming, but terribly rewarding. You'll learn some new skills and the cast will practically become your family. 

You might even get some free tickets!

(me as the prop mistress for The Christmas Carol)

5. Plan a weekend vacation for 200 dollars

A weekend vacation for 200!?

Yup. We traveled to near by Boston and spent one night in a nice hotel. We used one of those online hotel discount places and scored an awesome room for under 100 dollars. Breakfast was free and so was transportation from the hotel to the subway in down town Boston.

We walked or spent pennies on public transportation. We walked the freedom trail and saw everything for free (expect Paul Revere's House...5 bucks). We ate out, bought souvenirs, and took a bagillion photos.

We bought our souvenirs on sale and I had a great time just being together.
Yeah, it was wet and cold and we did get lost a few times...but none of that matters when you're in love.

(P.S. We also got some free tours by following high school teams around town. They were apparently on a school trip and brought their history professor with them. We blended right in because we were wearing hoodies like most of the teens.)

6.Visit your local farmer's market or craft fair 

I love going on craft fairs, or markets, or random expos. You can enter plenty of giveaways (and sometimes win) and receive bags of free samples.

I truly enjoyed going to this craft fair because I got to meat and talk with a bunch of people who were interested in the same things that I was. Take advantage of those annual expositions people!

7. Plan a photo scavenger hunt with your friends

(we had to get a picture of all of use jumping)

All this one takes in one clever friend to run around your town and write up a photo scavenger list.
The cost for this activity is practically free. Just pay for the gas to get there and borrow a camera if you don't already own one.
You'll have hours of fun and a bunch of silly photos of you and your friends.

Those are some of the ways that we like to have fun for cheap...what are your top tips?

Please comment below and share the frugalness! 

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