Friday, August 9, 2013

Adventures at the Fair

We went to the Addison Fair last night with some friends. I thoroughly enjoyed the craft competitions and all of the promotional booths. We signed up for several drawings...maybe I'll be a lucky girl and win something this time around!

I didn't enter anything in the fair this year. It's a dream of mine to have a booth at a farmer's market and win a blue ribbon at the fair.

I could have spent hours looking at all of the artwork and crafts.
I'm a teacher totally fascinated by children's art. I could stare at it for hours. Figuring out the development of a child and the reasons why they drew what they drew captures me.

I'm also terribly charmed by adult craft and art submissions too. Being a creative girl, I can appreciate the technique and time it takes to finished a project.

Of course I couldn't call myself a good friend and make my fellow fair gowers stay at the craft booths all night...

Being in Vermont for a year has taught me that Vermonters not only grow the best maple syrup on Earth, but they never get tired of it. Anytime my Vermont peeps find anything maple flavored, watch for the stampede!
I guess this shouldn't surprise me, maple syrup never get's old around here. 

My friends were kind enough to humor me and hang out with the animals for a while. I'm such a city girl (being from Montreal) and the average. plan old farm animals is just SO COOL! I don't care about the smell, I asked the stupidest questions, and even let this little goat take a bite out of my bag. 

And yes, that is a pink rooster. 
Leave a comment below with your guess as to why he's sporting this color.

Two thumbs up for free samples of chocolate milk!

Being a teacher, and being married to another teacher has taught me to be frugal and find ways to have fun on a tight budget. Let me tell you, there IS fun to be had!
We spent 10 dollars per ticket, got some free stuff, and still had some let over cash for some cheap (but yummy) fair treats. 

We didn't go on any rides because there was tons of free stuff to do! Check out Mike on these wooden stilts. We learned some new skills, and had a bunch of laughs too.

(he got pretty good at it too!)

We didn't play any carnival games, but I thought that the colors were too pretty not to photograph.
Hey! There's another free thing you can do. Take a bunch of photos and stick em in a collage.

Some of these carnival ride photos turned out so well, I can't stand to stick them in a collage. They deserve their own spotlight. 


I'll save my favorite carnival photo for the end of this post.
Don't you dare skip down to the end!

There are a few more things I want to show you.

We ran into some other friends at the demolition derby. I didn't think that I could really get into something like that, but I discovered that watching a bunch of minivans run into each other is kinda exciting. 
There was a ton of smoke and thrilling crunching sounds. Someone had to get taken away in a stretcher though...maybe not the safest or smartest sport I've seen.

Mike and I were high-school and college sweethearts. 
I couldn't resist taking a funny picture when we saw these antique school desks. 

Here we are getting caught passing notes in class....

If you're a true and loyal readers, you've waited and read patiently to the end of the blog post. 
You now get to see my favorite and best photo from the fair.

If you've skipped ahead...then I guess you've stopped reading too.

Either way, here's my favorite shot from the night.

Have a fantastic Friday everyone!

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