Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tuesday Will Change My Life

It’s been a while since I've shared anything about my dad’s cancer. 

Maybe it’s because giving the situation up to God has put my soul at rest. I've placed my father’s health in my God’s hands and walked away in full trust. I know God will do what is best, and I’m okay with whatever that is.

Well…treatments have stopped and we've been placed in a waiting period for the last 6 weeks. I’m human in admitting that I've been fidgety once or twice while waiting for test results. These results will determine if all the treatments worked, what the next step is…all that cancer stuff.

A few days ago, I was sitting in the car while Mike drove us home. I looked at the gorgeous fall leaves and took in my favorite season when I realized something. I had a choice to make.

 Tuesday’s test results were going to change my life. 

I would either hear “The treatments have worked. You’re father is in good health!” or “I’m sorry, we’ll try and come up in another plan to battle this cancer.”

 I have no control over what the doctor tells us, that’s God’s plan. But I do have a choice in how I will react.

I have decided with whatever news comes my way, I will rejoice in my God.

He loves me, and he loves my dad more than I ever could. I know that I can trust him now and always because of that love.

So…if Dad is cancer free, I will praise my God.
If  Dad isn't getting any better, I will praise my God.

Tuesday will bring news that will change the rest of my life…but that news can’t break my relationship with my God.

Dad, if you’re reading this…I love you.


  1. Love you Brittany! I'll be praying for you Tuesday and your family. Please keep me posted on what happens. Love you so much! Thankful for your sweet spirit and trsut in God.

  2. I AM reading this Brittany... and I DO love you too. Let's keep trusting in Him. God will always do what is best and right, and He will give us the grace and strength to bear the "unpleasant" things that He permits in our lives. My main prayer requests at this time are these: That I may trust the Lord, please Him and serve Him until my dying day... and may He be glorified through it all, come what may.

  3. Brittany, I thank you for sharing your struggles and allowing us to hope with you. God will have His way... and if we allow Him He will help us to grow in whatever the circumstance, good or bad. I will be thinking of you and praying for you, that you and your family will have His perfect peace and that He will give your father His healing touch. I have been where you are now and I know that fear,dread and grief can over shadow the good things in life if we let them. I am glad that you are trying to leave your father in the hands of his Creator and live today in peace. The greatest gift you can give your dad is to spend rich, sweet time with him, give him your love and let him see that no matter what the outcome is, you will be OK. I know that him seeing you happy and at peace will make it easier for him to find his own peace. Big hugs coming your way! Elle


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