Monday, October 8, 2012

Teacher Tips

Keep those toddler crayons organized!

No more "He took my red crayon!"

or "No Mrs.Girr, that's not my pencil on the floor."

Use these handy dandy labels to keep things running smoothly. 
Just print out enough name-tags for each crayon and use any clear tape to stick em in place.

Here's a second tip.

Stick name-tags on the glue stick and the glue cap. It will save you a whole lot of trouble when little Suzy's cap rolls across the table next to little Johnny's cap. 

No arguments, and teaches responsibility to those little guys.

Labeling 150 crayons and 6 glue sticks did take about an hour out of my day, but it was totally worth it and has saved my sanity over and over again.

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