Saturday, September 15, 2012

Farm Review Game

Gooood late late late Saturday night readers!

I am not normally up this late on a Saturday, it's just so embarrassing and rude to be falling asleep in church on Sunday morning, but I'm wide awake and just itching to write a teacher's post!

My preschool curriculum uses a barn theme throughout the entire year. We have several characters who help us learn our shapes, colors, numbers, etc...and every Friday I have a review game for the kids. For the past few weeks, we've played girls vs. boys and used little marks on the white board to keep track of points. 

Well...little creative me thought that each team should have a mascot and a more interactive way of keeping score.

Here's what I came up with.

The boys have Stewy the steer and the girls have Chloe the cow. 

At the beginning of the review game neither of the animals have spots. The spots are earned by the team members with correct answers, participation, and good attitudes. The spots are stuck on with sticky tack and I place the animals low enough on the board so the kids can easily reach the "points". 

The cow and steer end up looking something like this near the end of the review game. The winners get to go to their tables first so the loss isn't terribly detrimental for second place. 

I free handed both the cow and the steer and colored them in with wooden colored pencils. They were sent off for lamination so I can keep them for years. 

(tip. never use wax crayons when coloring a lamination project. The machine WILL melt the crayons and your ruin your visuals!)

Each one is about 18 inches tall and they serve as farm decorations Monday through Thursday. 

So there's my idea, and it's totally up for grabs! I just ask you to please link back to this page if you decide to share this game on your own social network/blog. 

Have a great night!

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