Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yummy Parfaits

You can use your favorite fruits, or go ahead and try something new. Be adventurous. You can't really go wrong with a parfait. Experiment with different yogurts, fruits, and granola. (Perhaps...several yogurts at the same time?)

First, go ahead and gets some fruit together. About 4-5 different kinds is enough.

Next, add one type of fruit to the bottom of your bowl or cup, then cover with yogurt. Create another layer of fruit (not the same as the first layer) and top cover with yogurt. Continue until you have as many layers as desired remembering to switch up the fruit as you go along. You can also sprinkle granola over each layer for added crunchiness. 

Finally, finish off your parfait with your absolute favorite fruit (you wana eat that one first anyway right?) and sprinkle on a generous amount of granola. 
Yum Yum, enjoy!

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