Sunday, November 17, 2013

DIY: Christmas Photo Backdrop

Good Sunday Morning Dear Readers!

I know that Christmas is next month, but we preschool teachers like to plan ahead! I've got a December calendar that I need to get out to parents as soon as possible. We like to add pictures of the kids on calendars so I'm always looking for a creative way to "shoot" my kids.

So first I got a bunch of colored Christmas lights and a white blanket.

I grabbed my big kitchen playset that I have in my classroom and lightly duck taped on the blanket. I then use masking tape to hang my lights.

I taped them to the top of the kitchen, then down on the carpet, then back up again on the kitchen, then down again on the floor.

I made a little X on the floor so my kids knew where to sit when I took their picture.

I turned off the lights and this it the effect I got. The kids were mesmerized by the lights and I got some pretty sweet smiles. Because of obvious reasons, I can't show you their faces but I can give you a glimpse at what they look like.

I zoomed in on their faces and voila! Beautiful Christmas photos for their families to cherish.

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