Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Decorations- Part 3

A little history on our dear friend...Christmas garland!

"The Christmas garlands tradition in America was brought from Europe by the early settlers. Ropes of garland were usually made after the fall harvest. Making and selling Christmas greens brought enough income to furnish many suits of Sunday clothes and a new bonnet when there was little else to do after harvest. Staples, like pine, spruce, and cedar trees that were used could be found in the nearby woods. Greens were gathered by day and in the evening the greens were twisted into garlands around the fireplace. Usually someone could complete twenty to forty yards in an evening."

Now a little inspiration for you crafty friends of mine. 

Learn how to make this garland at the end of the post!

I really wana make these...

Ok, so you wana do a project together? Maybe something a little different from you're ordinary garland?
Great! Let's make this gorgeous and unique garland together!

"I used about 1.5 oz. wool roving in several colors, and got about 48 balls out of it. I needed two pairs of stockings to tie up the roving, and used the washing machine technique for felting. The problem was that wherever the stocking gathered between knots, it created a crease in the felted ball. I wound up with 48 little brightly colored…fannies (which you can sort of see in the bowl in the photo below). Ahem. So I hauled my fanny to the craft store and bought some needle felting tools. I’d only tried needle felting once, at a sheep and wool festival, but that little demo provided me with all the knowledge I needed for this project i.e., stabstabstabstabstabstabstab…"

"I arranged the various felted balls in a perfectly random pattern (I know, I have a problem), and used a natural, twine-colored worsted weight yarn to string them."

Ta Da!

Thanks smallbirdblog for that tutorial. Super cute!

Well, you all have a great Wednesday. Let me know what you think of the Christmas crafts and anything you would like to see next!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the felt garland, sooo beautiful and colorful. :)


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